Raj Consultancy is an international Program Management consulting company serving project sponsors‚ legal institutions‚ contractors‚ public agencies and other organizations having direct or indirect interest in manufacturing. Raj Consultancy is completely independent and provides a professional source of expertise in managing the full range of activities and operations associated with the planning and execution of domestic and international industrial capital facilities programs.


•  Project Conceptual / Formulation Phase

•  Contracting Phase

•  Project Execution Phase


Project Conceptual / Formulation Phase


Project Master Planning

Design / Construct ability Reviews

Budget / Schedule Evaluations

Cash Flow Projections

Contingency Planning

Resource Planning

Technology Transfer

Contracting Phase


Contracting Phase


Contracting Strategy

Bid Slate Development

Bid Review/Selection Assistance

Bid Negotiations

Claims Management

Contract Administration

Multi-Contractor Coordination




Project Execution Phase


Project Management- Management Teams

Project Management and Technical Support

Performance Measurement Engineering

Supplemental Staffing Support to Project Teams

Controls System Interaction

Financial Controls

Procurement/Material Control

Change Order Management

Claims Management

Program Reviews/Appraisals

Start-Up Planning Interaction Staffing


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